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The Parkersburg Teen Court Program

Teen Court is a juvenile justice diversion program that provides first-time juvenile respondents (offenders) the opportunity to take personal responsibility for a criminal offense committed without establishing a formal juvenile record. Active or retired judges as well as attorneys may serve as Judges and will preside over each case during the hearings. A trained Peer Jury comprised of middle and high schoolers determine the final disposition of the case. The Peer Jury does not determine guilt or innocence but deliberates only on an appropriate disposition (orders) for Incident Occurs Principal Disciplinary Action Youth Court Referral Youth Court Hearing Youth Court Determines Disposition Successful Completion Notice Sent to Principal Case Closed Unsuccessful Completion Referred Back to Principal Hearings, Suspension, Expulsion, etc.

the juvenile respondent.


The intervention, prevention and education measures include a series of program steps designed to address underlying issues that cause young people to violate Laws. Juvenile crime, (all crime) is a public safety concern and strikes at fundamental relationships impacting on our youth and everyone in our community. All program activity is grounded in Restorative Justice Principles, such as, rebuilding relationships, repairing harm, solving problems, and building community capacities, which guide participants to restore to the community what has been lost. Once the respondent has completed the final disposition orders the offense is dismissed and no criminal record is incurred. Successful respondents are to serve as Peer Jurors, bringing them back into the community as a valued contributor, to become fully part of the solution versus labeled as the problem.

Online Referral Form

Below you will find a link to where you may personally refer your child to the Parkersburg Teen Court Program. Please answer all questions, and if you have any questions regarding the program, let us know! 

For more information about the Teen Court Program, fill out the form below and a member of our staff will be with as soon as possible. 

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